Information about Disability Database

How it works

How it works

Disability Database is a free, Australia-wide disability housing classifieds. We connect people with a disability (and their families and Support Coordinators) to vacant rooms offered by different disability accommodation service providers across Australia. It's totally free to use and no payments are made through the website. Simply browse available rooms and make an enquiry about the homes that are right for you. 

You're looking for disability accommodation:

Visit the home page (click the Disability Database logo at the top left) to browse rooms available at different supported accommodations across Australia. Use the filters at the left of the home page to narrow down the options based on your individual needs. You can also use the 'Map' view (top right) to see listings in a particular geographical area. Try using the search bar (above) to search for a particular suburb, postcode, or key word (e.g. 'no stairs'). Once you've found the right place you can send a message to the service provider right away to arrange an inspection. 

You are a disability accommodation provider: 

Disability Database enables you to reach a wider audience and fill your vacancies faster. List vacant rooms in your disability accommodation services for free. Some tips:
  • Each room in the same house should have a separate listing 
  • Make sure you upload photos (listings without photos get much less interest) 
  • Highlight your property features using our easy tick boxes 
  • Include plenty of information about your service, the property, and the staff to help potential residents decide if you are the right provider for them
  • Respond to enquiries within a few hours (you'll be notified by email)
  • Don't forget to upload your company name and logo to your profile with some information about what you do best
Interested residents will send you messages via Disability Database to enquire about your listings - the rest is up to you.  

Feedback please!

We welcome your suggestions on features that would make Disability Database easier to use and even better suited to your needs. Service providers: if your property has a useful feature that is not already in our listing options please let us know so we can include it in our tickbox options. 

Lost? Confused?

Please get in touch using the 'Contact us' link on the top bar. We'll be ready to assist you with whatever you need.